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2. The unknown prehistory of mankind and the planet Earth
The development of mankind
1. How it began.

About 500,000 year ago ET´s from the Pleijadian civilization came by ship to the planet Earth. They were fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of this planet, because planet Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in our Universe.

They decided to settle down here but that was not so easy. The air was not the same as they were used to and neither was the gravity. The biggest problem was the cosmic radiation, which is strong on this planet. They therefore decided to develop the human being. At that time, flocks of pre-chimpanzees
had started to walk upright and were tramping around on the savannas in Africa. The Pjeijadian caught a number of female-chimpanzees and inseminated in them their sperm. This process went on for generation after generation, for thousands of years. The result was the human being with 12 DNA-strings connected to the 7 + 5 chakra-centers in the human body. At that time mankind could use 100% of the brain capacity and it had 6 senses including the telepathic sense.

1. Ninhursag.

By the time planet earth was occupied by the Anunnaki civilization from the planet Nibiru. One God, let us call him A, co-operated with the Anunnakis and gave to the women Ninhursag creative power. She then provided two things. She destroyed the 12 DNA-stringed system for mankind and replaced it with 2 DNA-strings, which is the minimum for survival. Her male-friends from Nibiru preferred the beautiful girls on planet Earth to her. She became jealous and judged women of all time to give birth to their babies with great pain. (She gave birth to her own baby without pain). Hereinafter mankind could only use about 8% of their brain capacity.

In order to take control over mankind the Anunnakis selected male-leaders under their own leadership. The subdued human race was now possible to install under earth in Anunnaki´s gold mines in South Africa. In Sumer (today called Mesopotamia in Iraq) Anunnaki established a concentration camp for men called E.DIN. Later a goddess called Aya came and saw what was going on. She then made men free and in order to give the young human being a good memory from its “childhood” she gave man a made up memory of a paradise called The Garden of Eden.

In the book Bringers of the Dawn the Pleijadian people describe the situation as follows:
“The utmost tyranny is not to proclaim a state of emergency. It is control by use of psychopathic manipulation of consciousness, by which the reality is described so, that those who live in it, not even realize that they are in a prison”.

But mankind has in fact never become free. It is still controlled from distance by Anunnaki – a system which is now however starting to disintegrate.
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