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5. The construction and administration of our Universe.
Tai Chi (Tao)
1. Yin & Yang.

You must have seen the Tai Chi symbol the Yin & Yang model.
See figure 1.

Yin is the sector with Dark energy in our Universe, which is called Velix. Yang is the sector with Light energy. Between Ying and Yang your find the S-formed Neutral energy. In the Light Yang-sector you find a black spot that is planet Earth, and in the Dark Yin-sector you find a white spot that is planet Er, the twin planet to our planet. The planets Earth and Er are the two holders of the universal axis. The energies from the Totality (the sum of all universes) and from the Divinity goes to planet Er, follows the universal axis to planet Earth, and from here they radiate to every corner of our Universe Velix. Planet Earth is consequently the energy and trigger point within Velix, our Universe. Our planet is therefore more important than the science on our planet is aware of.

2. The Dark sector.

In the Dark sector Yin you have a great number of independent planets. You have also the so-called Three Galaxy Group with three Dark planetary unions: Proprion Nestor, Nominom Nestor and Broleus Nestor. The most important of them all is Proprion Nestor where you find the leader AT. The letters in AT are the capital letters in his name (just as JR in Dallas). He has had many incarnations on planet Earth and among them you find both Napoleon and Hitler. On this website I will later explain the reason why he started up the Napoleon-wars and the Second World War.

3. The Light sector.

In the Light sector Yang you will find many more inhabited planets than in the Dark sector. The largest group is the group of independent planets, but you can also find a great number of Light planetary unions, such as the Planetary Union, the Herritrera Union, the Light Brotherhood, Andromeda Union etc. Greatest of them all is the Planetary Union and the greatest leader there is Jonathan. The Herritrera Union is the union that has best understood the importance of co-operation between all basic energy-sections in our Universe Velix.

4. The swastika.

Originally our Universe had three basic energies: The Light, the Dark and the Neutral. The symbol for this is the Swastika and looking at old documents in India you can see that it had three arms and was rotating clockwise (just like the Sun). See figure 2.

By the time many souls in the Light sector realized that the construction of this Universe was wrong. If the Dark energy is withheld from the Dark energy, the risk is that the Dark energy attracts the evil energy, which also has taken place.

Even the Light energy attracts the evil energy, if it is absence from the Dark energy. The two energies must co-operate for the benefit of both. Those in the Light who realized this fact emigrated to the Neutral sector where they became Light-Grey. Many souls from the Dark sector did the same and they became, by their arrival to the Neutral sector, Dark-Grey. By the time the Light-Grey and the Dark-Grey merged into Grey. Now the Swastika-symbol had four arms rotating just like the Sun. See figure 3. Hitler wanted to go his own way and his Swastika went anti-clockwise. See figure 4. This was not a good idea and as we all know it did not last long.

5. The merge of the Grey and Neutral energies.

On tenth June 2010 the Grey and the Neutral energies merged into one called the Neutral energy. On sixth March 2013 leaders of the big planetary unions in the Light and the Neutral sector agreed to merge their energies into one. This will be manifested by Ray during 5 travels to the Light sector and 5 to the Neutral sector, whereby the two energies will be mixed into one (this is written in March 2013).

6. The merge of the Dark and the Light energies.

In a near future (this is written in March 2013) I hope to make the Dark and the Light energies meet in the newly created Yellow energy. The Yellow energy was created by the Goddess Hessla who is an Under-Goddess to the God Aron. On third March 2009 I was informed that the soul Asriel was created and that he was the only person at that time who had Yellow energy, which is made up of the Dark, the Light, the Grey and the Neutral energies.

7. The Word to be united.

After the Dark and the Light energies are merged the time has come to merge the Word. When Jesus Christ died the Word was split up into pieces. I have been involved in merging three Dark Wards into one. Right now, in March 2013, we have one Dark Word and one Light Word. The two will be merged into one and it looks like the merged Word will be held by the Goddess Xmalia alias the God Xmalion in the Blue Totality consisting of 200 Universes. This great God is alternating between being a masculine or a feminine.

8. ETs to be expected.

After that planet Earth and the human race are expected to be invited into the universal co-operation. ETs will then also arrive physically and officially to our planet.

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