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5. The construction and administration of our Universe.
The Divinity
With the word Totality I describe the number of existing universes. These universes exist in groups. Our universe, now called Velix (earlier called Anzan, then split into Anza and Exagon, then united under the name of Velix) belong to the Blue group (200 universes). There are 37 groups in the bigger group Elf and the groups Relf, Self, Delf, Xelf, Melf, Telf and Elf are all parts of the major mother-group Elfan, which is a part of the grand group Primula. All this is however only a very small part of the Totality.

The planet Earth belong as described to the universe Velix, which is the oldest universe in the Totality of today. The universes lays as onion-rings on top of each other with the Empty Nothingness in the middle. In the Nothingness we find the Divinity. The Divinity is like a grand spider net which can be seen as a great number of Gods in cooperation. As they are all connected, they can also be described as ONE HOLY UNIT. And they act like ONE in relation to the Totality in spite they are individuals.

The Totality goes from birth to flowering to withering away. When it dies all souls go to the planet Antroelia, where they are wintering. When the Divinity creates a new Totality the wintering souls from Antroelia will help to populate the new Totality. The old withering Totality and the new under establishment overlap each other for some time. They exist simultaneously like ONE.

All good thoughts, words and acts created in a Totality have a reflection and the reflection is as strong as the original. Reflections from all good thoughts, words and acts goes to the Divinity, where they build up the Divinity. Men and ET:s are consequently the creators of the Divinity and the Divinity creates our souls. You can see it as a RING – an ever ongoing process.

Reflections from all bad thoughts, words and acts in a Totality build up the opposite to the Divinity and up to now this negative energy has been stronger than the positive good energy. Because of that we have seen an evil world and the Divinity have had problems. And because of that the Divinity has been in need of protection, and it has been protected by the so called Four-Leaf: the four small planets Antroelia, Antoelia, Azoelia and Aofelia. On these four planets you find one protector on each planet. They are to be find in World 5, Dimension 5. and they are all covered by the planet Earth in World 1, Dimension 3.

In the beginning of the year 2015 our Totality is beginning to flowering. Now we have reached the point of break even. The Good Energy is now stronger than the Evil Energy. This is the beginning of something great for our Totality and our planet Earth will lead the process as this planet is the energy point of the Totality.
In each universe the Divinity has delegated energies to a Good. Our Good in the universe Velix is Hird, and it was to him Jesus Christ was praying. The God Jahvé was a Good created by the ET:s and built up through a fusion of 367 souls. These souls all exist today but the fusion is dissolved. We have today also four energy-goods, probably created by ET:s:

Hollus Xercxes (Dark), Greas (Gray), Like (Neutral), and Bengh (Transparent). We have also the God Allah. Energies from men on the planet Earth has to some level built him up, and I know that from the planet Matt In the galaxy Guliaderna energies also have been given to Allah.

The 12 Titans in Greek, the Egyptian Goods, the Nordic and Keltic Good etc. have all existed, but you can discuss if they were Good or not. The souls in our Totality can be of 4 qualities:

1. Solid souls (men has only this kind of soul).
2. Mobile soul.
3. Floating souls.
4. Outstanding souls.

My Higher Self has a Mobile soul. Our God Hird has a Floating soul by which he can overlook a whole universe. The Goodness Exmalia seems to have an outstanding soul by which she can overlook the Blue group (200 universes). The Mythological Goods seems to have had mobile souls. As they by these souls could do more than what men could, they were regarded as Goods. There seems to exist more than these four types of souls.
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