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5. The construction and administration of our Universe.
A brief presentation of Velix

1. Nothingness.

Initially all was empty and uninhabited - not even space existed - only the empty nothingness existed. The all-vanquishing power was resting, conscious but still unconscious. No movement existed in space. In order to enable Nothingness to exist it must have a pole its own reflex. Nothingness and its reflex were the first polarities. Between them they formed the first space.

Nothingness may seem empty, but it enclose souls from an earlier evolutionary chain which has reached its fulfillment. When circumstances are right they start to react and with their spirit they form a new reality a new Totality is born and in time it will contain an innumerable amount of universes.

2. The Divinity.

First of all the Divinity was created containing the oldest of souls. Among the greatest of Gods you find Allia, Assessus and Alessa. The Gods, who have played an important role for our Universe, are Abrion, Aressa and Sass.

3. Creation of souls.

All souls existing in the Totality are created on the planet Piona and on planet Tiona. The Light souls are being formed on Piona and the dark on Tiona. All souls have a corresponding soul within the opposite energy. All Light souls consequently have a Dark copy and vice versa. To criticize the Dark consequently means that you are criticizing yourself. We all have both a Light and a Dark copy.

4. The executive institutions.

The Divinity wanted two institutions to act on behalf of the Divinity one Light and one Dark. Both institutions were originally good. A soul with the name Tun was consequently asked to create the Light Antroelia and Satya of Lione was asked to create the Dark Piroelia. Leading each institution you find the so called 13 Oldest and, all in all, Antroelia and Piroelia each have between 600-700 inhabitants. All Light souls on Antroelia have their Dark twin souls on Piroelia. Antroelia and Piroelia are separate planets. Antroelia is by us often called Agartha. Many famous people, King David, Gautama Sidharta (Buddha), Jesus Christ, The Swedish ruler Birger Jarl, Martin Luther, The Swedish Queen Kristina, the Swedish King Gustav II Adolf, Martin Luther King, etc. have incarnated to our planet from Antroelia. From Piroelia Abraham, King Salomon, Napoleon, Hitler, Gandhi, Robert Kennedy etc. have incarnated to our planet. As you see from these names Piroelia has become partly evil a state which is now changing fast.
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