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About Ray
Who I am.

My name is Ray Rose and I am one of the authors of the book series The Secret Icons of which the first volume will be publish in Swedish in August 2013 and in English in 2014. In all, this book series will contain 4 volumes. I am also the author behind the articles you find on this web site. I am a so called starseed. My physical body is human, a man from the planet Earth, but my soul is not from this planet. You can say that I use my physical body as an instrument just as Ambres uses the body of Sture Johansson. My soul is from Antroelia, who mankind often incorrectly refer to as Agartha. People on the planet Earth often think that this place is situated in inner Earth which is not correct. Antroelia is situated in World 5, Dimension 5 in our Universe, called Velix, and it has the same position as planet Earth, but it is not situated inside our planet. It is too hot for anything to exist there. You must understand that a planet can exist in the same place and at the same time without one being inside another planet.

I am also a walk in. I entered this physical body on 11th October 1990. The body belonged to Ray 1 before. He became 55 years old and is now in the Death-Country waiting for his family which I took over. The whole set up was planned before Ray 1 was born and this was fully approved and assented by his soul. He had a new produced soul and the life as Ray 1 was therefore his first. He was quite rich before he “died” and he was satisfied with his life.

About one year after the arrival of my soul in Ray´s body my arrival was discovered by the great Planetary Union, which is the largest planetary union in our Universe and situated in the Light sector (the Yang-sector). My friends often call me Ray II, as I am the second soul in this body. I have been in this physical body now for 22 years (this is written in the year 2013). My missions had to be provided from the planet Earth as this planet is an energy and trigger-point. Without my fulfillment of my missions the new time which we are now entering would never have come.

Upon my arrival in 1990 I did not know my mission and I did not even know the change of souls. But some ET´s wanted to use me and the power I possess to the benefit of their, to the Earth reincarnated, souls. And some ET´s are so called reactionaries, and some of them were afraid of me and wanted to see me dead. One of them, an alien called Maldion, provided a “walk in” into a lawyer who embezzled Swedish Kronor 4.2 million for me. When this did not stop me, a number of alien souls tried to, as “walk ins,” enter and take control of my body in order to let it die in a car accident or whatever. This might have succeeded if Rebecca would not have come into my life. She was sent by my alien friends in order to co-operate with me and I would never have succeeded with my missions without her.
My four books in progress, The secret Icons, are describing 22 years of hard and dangerous work which has made it possible for men to enter into the now spiritual era and for ET´s to soon return officially to planet Earth. The four books also describe a large number of my spiritual travels to dark, gray, neutral and light ET-civilizations in order to make them co-operate across all frontiers.

About Rebecca

Why I became ”I”?

A secret question I always returned to during my childhood. Do you recognize it?
Ray has a more precise answer to this question than I have. The truth is, that I by now has renounced from wondering. In my sin an invited guest exist, who always communicate with me. As I am almost uninterested in spiritual matters, I can handle incoming telepathic information quite well. I know, that if the interest had been the opposite, I would have added my own valuations to the incoming, which would have watered down the received messages.

I remember a late afternoon in Amsterdam. It must have been around 1970, and I visited the Anne Frank museum. There I got a very strange feeling – my first meeting with my hidden guest. I kept that memory for myself all years until that day I met Ray. The feet on the ground and the sin in a tight grip, was my slogan. Not even the sight of the meditation-meetings, of the parents to my best friends, made me interested. Today so much has taken place, that I no longer can ignore, the existence of other dimensions. From time to time I have also been hard and dangerous attacked by contacts outside my own world. But in spite of all that has taken place, I am still in lack of the will to investigate. Thanks God for that, says those who wants cosmic information from me. With other words, I do not add my own valuations to the incoming information.

But who am I? When my daughter is introduced to persons I know, she often hear them say: “You have a very special mother”. I am under any circumstances a person, full of nuances. The day I leave this world, I can honestly say: “Lift has been an adventure!”



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