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The cosmic ”walk in,” Ray, presents:

• The detailed plan for ET:s near return to earth.
• The rise of frequency for mankind.
• The unknown prehistory of mankind and planet earth.
• The construction and administration of our Universe.
• My spiritual- and UFO-Travelling in our Universe.
• My report: What to happen after ET:s arrival on earth.

The aim of this website is to make mankind fully aware of the greatest changes ever, now near to take place on our planet.

On this website you can order the famous set of volumes The Secret Icons and a number of other esoteric books. The english version will soon be released.

Cosmological Figures
Interesting figures...
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Kontact details: Roland Mollbrandt
Read more and purchase the book "The Secret Icons"
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Rays Corner
-The unknown prehistory of mankind and the planet Earth. -Some of my astral travels to foreign galaxies. -Other esoteric and spiritual matters.
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Book Exhibition - Gothenburg
You can visit us at the Book Exhibition in Gothenburg, 24th - 28th of September 2015: Welcome!
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Book Exhibition - Österlen
25 - 26 of April, 2015 Welcome to meet our writers and their books: Förlagshuset Siljans Måsar,
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